We are journing through a time when Education is most important in a
country like ours which revers knowledge. “TO KNOW IS EVERYTHING”
however mere knowledge is not the key to success. With it should develop
“CHARACTER” the basic foundation for life ahead we seek to do just that
at Somani Foundation School.

There is no shortcut to success, we believe. Here at Somani Foundation
School, we insist in promoting constant hard work, the basis for creating a
deeper character that would pave to success in life. However, to help or
progress on the way up hill would be our specially trained teachers,
structured curriculum, unbeatable infrastructure that would provide you
the impetus to get you pass the rigors of the existing competitive climes in
the educational scenario. This is also why we inculcate the green culture & 
the green values coupled with specially constructed infrastructure. They
would provide the ambient environment for you to flower not just
academically but also personality wise.

Remember, values like Dedication, Perseverance and Planning are
irreplaceable in life. Academic excellence & skills apart, we process a
winning attitude and entirely different outlook towards life, here at
Somani Foundation School.

To excel, but without undue pressure by following a systematic consistent
approach. So, on words and ahead,"LET US STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT"

We have the tools here let us strike the right hard strong together.
Let us make the future bright and in keeping with our ambitions.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Kinnari Somani.
Somani Foundation School.