At SFS, we offer the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) curriculum to our Students. The unique part of this curriculum is that it is strategically molded to include SFS philosophy and the learning objectives laid down by the ICSE board. The curriculum starts with an emphasis on learning basic facts and gradually moves to detailed understanding of concepts, through interpretation and evaluation as students’ progress to higher classes. It is built around the principles of knowledge, understanding, application and skill-sets. Projects and the application of knowledge form an integral part and aid the development of analytical skills. The Program aims to empower children to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society, and promote introspective living. the primary curriculum is focused on teaching the ‘heart and the mind’. Its all about respecting individual competencies, working on one's set of skills, conceptual understanding and using it to connect with the world at large. To start locally and reach globally. The core of good learning lies in the curriculum. We are aware of the children needs, abilities, progress and inherent potential. Our curriculum framework is flexible and activity based, which aids in strengthening the students essential understanding over the years. SFS has an academic council consisting of academicians who have innovated, conceptualized and developed a curriculum which is a blend of the best curriculum's followed in various other parts of the world and our National Curriculum Framework. The unique feature of our curriculum is that, it is innovative thematic and skill based.