Parents are requested to visit the school office for relevant Fees Structure for the grade in which they wish to admit their child.

Documents required for admission

  • 3 copies of passport size photographs

  • Photocopy of birth certificate

  • Photocopy of Report card (last three years)

  • Photocopy of passport &Visa of the student, in case the student is a foreign passport holder.

  • Original school leaving/transfer Certificate(Primary)

  • Photocopy of PAN card of both the parents and address proof

  • Medical certificate from your family doctor on the physical fitness of the student.


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Parents and guardians are requested to be in school before the school timings.SCHOOL RULES & NORMS:

    • Parents are requested to inform the school in case of any change in their address, telephone number or Email Address.

    • An extra cost will be levied in case I card/ school bag /almanac/ books are lost.

    • Parents and guardians are requested to encourage regularity and discipline. They must be polite when communicating with teachers & staff.

    • If your child’s remains absent, please send a note explaining the reason for staying away.

      This is essential for the teacher to understand the child if he/she has been away due to bad health.

    • Talk positively about the school and the teacher in front of the children.

    • School organizer should be brought to school every day.

    • Parents must communicate their message to the teacher in the pages provided for communication – PARENT to TEACHER.

    • Parents are requested to make a note of the list of holidays and other activities listed in the organizer.

    • Authority letter is a must, if parent is not coming to collect the report card.

    • Participation in Annual Day is compulsory.

    • School Picnic and Annual day will be charged extra.

    • Child shall only wear the uniforms/shoes as approved by the School.

    • No Student will be allowed with the valuables like gold chain, rings, transistors, personal stereo system etc to the school.

    • No type of electronic devices such as cellphones, iPod’s etc. are permitted to be carried by any student unless so expressly permitted.

      In case the child being found in possession of such devices, the same will be confiscated.

    • School fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.